Apprehended Bot!

Remember when robots were seen as the future and that we’d be served by them? Many of us thought that we’d see scenarios similar to the Jetson’s.

Still, the future may have already passed us, as seen in this episode of LGR Tech Tales:

Yes, a robot was apprehended by police years ago!

  • It just goes to show how the past looks more futuristic than the future does today.

New Dogs and Old Tricks

There are stories out there about Windows XP being obsolete, and developers are moving on. However, did you know that DOS programs are still being made to this day? One example is a game, Planet X3, by The 8 Bit Guy, a YouTuber who does videos about old computer systems and electronics.

It’s amazing what a simple text editor, compiler, emulator, and creativity can accomplish. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, he has been able keep working on the game with the hope of being finished by the end of this year.

Greetings and Salutations

I want to welcome you to the first of many posts to the site that celebrates the legacy of personal computers. Many of us have fond memories of the first computer we’ve ever owned, even if it didn’t have an x86 processor. Old versions of DOS and Windows along with old games had our undivided attention.

Ah, the “good old days.”

The legacy of the PC brought us many communities and gatherings in forums, chat rooms, and even LAN parties! There was so much weirdness and awesomeness back then.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to updating you on news related to retro-computing.